House Cleaning Tips for the Eligible Bachelor

One of our male clients in Wilton Manors, FL asked us for some quick housekeeping tips to keep his home looking sparkling and beautiful.  Some of the pointers we shared are listed below in addition to more tips to help guys impress their significant others with a spotless room.  

1. A Dirty Bed is not Sexy.  The first rule of sound housekeeping is changing your bed linens regularly.  No one will ever find a bed full of potato chips and crumbs inviting…

2. Rinse your plates and dishes as soon as you’re done eating.  This will prevent tough stains from being caked onto your dinnerware and spare you wasted hours of scrubbing.

3. Divide and conquer! Divide the House into Sections.  Tackle your housekeeping chores by dividing each room into smaller sections which are easier to manage.  The house cleaning task will seem less “frightening” and will pass in no time.

4.  Drop the soap scum!  Before you step out of the shower, rinse off the any lather off the wall and shower door.  Please remember to clean off the bar soap.

5.  The most important rule of all: clean your toilet.  Make sure you use a good cleaning agent to get rid of the unsightly rings.  Your date doesn’t deserve any nasty surprises if they dare to use your bathroom.

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